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A Student Exchange Experience

Experience a year of studies abroad as an exchange student and turn every day into an unforgettable adventure!

Travel is one of life's great pleasures. It allows us to try new things and explore beautiful and unique locations around the world. But going on a student exchange is so much more than that. It's more like acquiring a second home. It allows us to get to know a new place on a much more intimate level, to truly immerse ourselves in a new culture, to create lasting bonds with people from faraway places, and to discover things about ourselves that simply aren't possible on short trips or summer vacations. Studying abroad on a student exchange programme has all the advantages of travelling but adds to that a whole new dimension that allows us to grow as individuals and as citizens of the world, to receive an international education, to gain new skills and to grow in confidence. It is a jumpstart to becoming the people we truly are. Your future is in your hands: choose your destination, apply now and get ready. The best year of your life is about to begin.

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Short Term High School Studies in the USA

Short-Term Exchange USA

Choose from one of our 4 fantastic locations:

Florida, Wisconsin, Massachusetts, New Hampshire

You will get full support throughout your application process; during and after your exchange.

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New to STS High School This Year!

New High School Choice programme in the UK

Gain more control of your exchange experience

More destination choices in France

Choose four regions or six specific cities

New destination guarantees in the USA

Choose your destination with our area, state and city guarantees

New destination choices in Germany

Select Hamburg, Munich or your favourite region

STS Welcome camp included

Apply for a high school experience now and get ready to travel next year! Your time abroad starts with a fun STS Welcome camp* and the best part is that it is included in the price. This is the perfect start to your time abroad.
*Welcome camp set up differs per destination and departure times.

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Our destinations


High School - application process





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High School Exchange Information session
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High School Exchange Information session
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High School Exchange Information session
Online - 4 July
High School Exchange Information session
Online - 8 August
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The Adventure of Your Life with STS by Your Side

Nobody prepares you better for your student exchange than STS. When you travel with us you get complete support before, during and after your exchange. We have decades of experience organising high school exchanges around the world, and we work tirelessly with dedicated partners to make sure each and every trip is the best it can be. But what makes us the best possible companion on this adventure is that we truly love what we do. We have a passion for travelling and cultural exchanges, and many of us even have experience studying in another country ourselves. We know what you want from your student exchange programme, we know what you need for it to be a success, and we know how to make it fulfilling and unforgettable from start to finish. We'll be with you every step of the way, so let's start now and take the first step together.

To Go to High School in Another Country

There are almost limitless advantages to doing a high school exchange in another country. Receiving an international education can be a huge boost to your future studies and career prospects. The complete immersion in a new cultural environment will open your mind to new ways of understanding the world. You'll gain new skills, reach new levels of independence and self-confidence, and discover all kinds of new things about yourself. You'll make friends and memories for life and gain a second place to call home. And in most cases, you'll even get the chance to perfect another language. Going on a student exchange is a big decision, but we promise it will be the best decision of your life!

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Let us call you

If you have any questions or want a personal call, leave your telephone number and we will call you back as soon as possible!

Frequently asked questions

  • I am ready to apply, how do I do it?

    The easiest way to apply is to visit the page of your favourite destination and click the "Apply now" button.  Your application is not binding, and you make your final decision once you have been accepted. .

  • Can I apply for a STS scholarships?

    Yes, you can! We have several scholarships to apply for each year. We are also happy to guide you in the application for other grants. Click here for more information.

  • Does STS have a contact person at my destination?

    Yes, no matter where you go, we have a local representative at your location. It is the local area representative who works to approve our host families, have contact with schools and will be your supporter and advisor during your exchange year.

  • What sort of school will I attend?

    In most countries, you will attend public schools. The difference between public and private schools differs between countries.

  • Can I take part in sports during my exchange year?

    Of course! Let us know which sport you would like to play when you apply and we will do our best to find a school where you can practice your interest.



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