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Vi söker omtänksamma värdfamiljer till våra utbytesstudenter som kommer till Sverige från hela världen. Lär känna våra studenter genom att läsa deras presentationer nedan. Kanske hittar du en perfekt match för dig och din familj!


En härlig ridtjej från Berlin!

Namn: Linnea 
Född: 2002
Hemland: Tyskland
Anländer: Våren 2017

En hälsning från Linnea

My family and I live in a quiet part of Berlin close to the city center. We have an old renovated house with a pretty garden in the back yard. My brother and sister are both much older than I am. Lukas is 28 years old and lives together with his fiancée Inken only half an hour away by bus. I like her very very much. Lukas is just finishing his Master program at the FU Berlin. My sister Alice is 25 years old. She lives with her boyfriend Michael in a small village near Münster, which is about five hours away by car. Alice has just finished her apprenticeship as an industrial clerk and started to work at a large corporation that sells gas and chemicals. The fact that she is the first one among us children with a well-paid job is quite amazing given her handicap. She was born deaf and got a cochlea implant (CI) when she was five, this invention is genius. When Alice und Lukas moved out, my mom and I convinced my dad to get a dog. For almost four years now, Lotta, our little golden wiener pinscher mutt, has been an integral part of our family. We all love her very much. She is a real family dog and always wants to be close to us – even when we go to work or shopping.

In the evening I like to spend time for myself in my room and listen to music. Or I will be in the stable or hang out with friends and bake. I like playing the piano because it's very relaxing. I’ve been playing since I was six. I prefer baking cakes, challenging ones especially. My favourite hobby is riding and spending time with my horse, but I also like to spend time with friends and to go swimming in the lake. Family is important for me, so it's very nice when the whole family sits together or when I can do things with my siblings.

Varför Linnea vill åka till Sverige

I’m really looking forward to go to Sweden. It’s a lovely country and I would like to meet new people. When we went to Sweden for vacation last year I began learning the language. It was so much fun that I started thinking about coming to live in Sweden for a while and go to school there. Like many Germans, I grew up with Astrid Lindgren’s amazing stories. It was interesting how the atmosphere in Vimmerby today is still like in the books.



En sportig tjej som älskar fotboll!

Namn: Linnea 
Född: 1999
Hemland: Tyskland
Anländer: Hösten 2017

En hälsning från Luisa

Mitt namn är Luisa. Jag är sjutton år gammal. Unfortunately these are the only sentences, which I´m able to say in Swedish yet, but I really look forward to change that. I love football but school is also really important for me! My normal day starts at 7:00 and my school starts at 7:45. I´m really lucky that my home is only two minutes away from my school. I normally have eight hours school till 15:20. I also doing my part time jobs. So as you can see I do a lot of things in a week, but I love it, because I hate boredom and if I´m ill or not able to do things it´s just horrible for me. But I also need some chill time for me, to "reload my batteries". Now the last thing I want to share with you, are my plans for my future life. I´m really interested in Media design and maybe Web design. I already participate at some workshops and went to schools and universities. I really think this is what I want to do in my later life after my exciting exchange year abroad in Sverige.

I can barely wait to come to Sverige and stay with you and your family, even though I love my life here in Germany!

Varför Luisa vill åka till Sverige

One reason for me to come to Sweden is that I want to improve my English and I heard that nearly everyone in your country is able to speak good and fluent English. So if I want to learn English properly there are countries like USA, Australia or Great Britain, but unfortunately these countries aren´t "interesting" enough or I don´t know how to describe it, but it´s also too hot there and I also want to learn another language. I love Swedish thrillers (Stieg Larsson and Lars Kepler are my favourite authors) and I just really felt in love with your country and your language. But I don´t like to come to your country without knowing same basic stuff so my parents made me a gift for Christmas: Swedish lessons. 



Sportig kille vars idol är svensk fotbollsspelare!

Namn: Jonathan
Född: 2000
Hemland: Schweiz
Anländer: Hösten 2017

En hälsning från Jonathan

My name is Jonathan, but everyone, including teachers, calls me Jon. I am 16 years’ old and I live in a village of approximately 6000 inhabitants, about 15 kilometres away from Zurich with my family. My family is my lovely parents and my little brother of 13 years. My parents are both lawyers. I spend a lot of time with my family. In summer I often play football with my little brother in our garden and me and my family often play board or card games on weekend evenings. In my free time I take singing lessons both classical and rock to improve my skills for the band I am in. One of the things I really, really love is travelling and meeting new people. I have been on many holidays with my family and twice without my family and I must say the holidays where I met the most new people and visited the most sights have been with no doubt the best ones. In general, new things and people are something that I really like and I cannot wait to get to know all the people I will meet in Sweden.

Varför vill Jonathan åka till Sverige?

Recently I stopped doing Aikido (a defensive martial art) to start studying Swedish. I would really like to learn Swedish very much. I like connections between the languages and Swedish is a Germanic language like German and English. Further I like the sound of Swedish, always when my Swedish friend speaks Swedish it sounds a bit as if he was singing. And even though both Swiss and Swedish cultures first seem quite similar there are surely some interesting differences. I am looking forward to getting to know all the Swedish traditions and experience Swedish mentality.


En tjej med många olika intressen!

Namn: Katharina
Född: 2001
Hemland: Tyskland
Anländer: Hösten 2017

En hälsning från Katharina

I was born almost 16 years ago, during the Valborgsmässoafton. My name is Katharina, but my friends usually call me Nina. I live in a small town near Cologne with my parents and my brother Marius who is two years younger than me. We live in a small house near a little river within in a large forest area. Other than going to school, I enjoy spending time outdoors to take pictures or to simply relax. I also spend time at the local youth centre. I am very involved there within the scope of child and youth work as well as during the holiday care. I also play the clarinet in the local brass orchestra. For many years, I have trained in Wing Tsun, a subtype of Kung Fu. I like trying new activities and would love to try something new in Sweden.

Varför vill Katharina åka till Sverige?

So far, I have gotten to know life here in Germany. I gained insights into countries and cultures unknown to me during holidays. This can’t be it, though. I would love to expand my current horizon with new experiences. To this effect, the exchange year will help me to explore a new environment in a family new to me, a new environment and another cultural circle that would otherwise not be open to me. A year abroad will help me to solve tasks and problems on my own. Learning a new language is a very enticing aspect for me. Making new friends cross-border must be the objective of everyone calling him- or herself open-minded. I have been fascinated by Scandinavia for many years. The holidays with my family in the North were always very impressive and influenced my wish to spend some time in Northern Europe. As I have some friends who speak Swedish and am in touch with exchange students in Sweden and got inspired and wanted to go there. 



En nyfiken tjej som gillar språk och olika kulturer!

Namn: Pia
Född: 2002
Hemland: Tyskland
Anländer: Hösten 2017

En hälsning från Pia

My name is Pia, I am 14 years old and I'm coming from Selb, a little town in Germany. I like spending free time with my family and my friends but prioritise my school work too. My family includes my little brother Jan, my mum Rita and my dad Klaus. I have a good relationship with my family and like spending time with them. My brother Jan is 12 years old and he likes playing football, reading and playing video games on his mobile phone. One of my biggest hobbies is reading, I love books and I am almost at the library every week. My mum always says I am devouring books. I also like playing the piano, I have been taking lessons for nine years now and I try to play every day. My dream and aim is to be a journalist and I can imagine to apply for a place at the Henri - Nannen - Schule, Germany's most popular school of journalism, after I will have finished my studies. I hope to hear from you soon!

Varför vill Pia åka till Sverige?

I already did a small exchange in France and got the feeling for it and wanted to go on a longer one to Sweden. I would like to get to know you, and can't imagine that it is still so long until I meet you. I’m really excited and motivated to go to Sweden and for me that is the most important thing. I want to learn more about Sweden and Swedish language. I’ve starting taking Swedish classes after school and I have one lesson every week and I really enjoy learning this language and hope to get to learn it some more soon. 



Musikälskande kille som besökt Sverige ett flertal gånger!

Namn: Tobias
Född: 2001
Hemland: Tyskland
Anländer: Hösten 2017

En hälsning från Tobias

My name is Tobias. I'm from Germany! I'm 15 years old and will soon be 16. I live with my family in a not so small village, called Steinhude with around 5000 inhabitants. Steinhude is in the middle-northern part of Germany, near Hanover. I have a sister called Carlotta, who is seven years older than me. She went to university in Berlin, studying Scandinavian Studies and German literary sciences. In summer 2016 she moved to Sweden as an Au-Pair. She now lives in Helsingborg with her host family. At my spare time, I spend a lot of time with my friends. Most of my friends are in my school class and sometimes I stay at their home after school or they come to me. My parents are called Jörg and Petra, my father is a doctor and my mother was working in his office. They retired from work in 2016. We have a dog called Collin, he's twelve years old. I love dogs and like walking our dog. I go to the gym 3 times a week and I do a lot of various exercises there. I'm training to gain more power and endurance. I'm a very open and friendly person. I'm interested in other cultures and in politics. I'm honest, reliable and uncomplicated. I'm ready for spontaneous activities and are flexible. Hope I will meet you soon!

Varför vill Tobias åka till Sverige?

I'd like to spend a year abroad, because I want to get out of my common environment, learn about a new culture and explore new sceneries. I've been on vacation to Sweden for many times over many years. I grew up with travels to Sweden, we have a Swedish friend, who lives in southern Sweden (Småland). Every time I go to Sweden it's a very special feeling. A feeling, that I connect with Sweden and the atmosphere there.



Spelar både piano och dansar pardans!

Född: 2002
Hemland: Österrike
Anländer: Hösten 2017

En hälsning från Johanna

My name is Johanna Freyer, I’m 14 years old, and I would very much like to spend a year in Sweden. I live in Vienna and I also go to school here. I am the youngest child of my parents, and I have a sister, who is 16 years old, and an 18-year-old brother. My parents got divorced, so I have 2 residences. One in Vienna, and one in Lower Austria-that means a long way to school, but my mom takes me there. I personally really like reading books and mangas, playing the piano, which I done for 6 years now. I have also started a dancing class. I really like it, and I want to continue dancing in Sweden, if it is possible. I would be very happy to be able to spend a year with you! I am sure we would have a nice time!

Varför vill Johanna åka till Sverige?

I wanted to learn more about Scandinavian for a long time. I asked my mom, whether I should choose to learn Swedish or Norwegian, and she said Swedish, so Swedish it is. I have bought a dictionary and are taking Swedish classes and I have come to like the language a lot, and the words sound funny-also because I didn’t know how to pronounce them. Others would be that I want to get to know a different culture, and that I think people who go abroad become much stronger and independent, and that is what I want to achieve for myself.



En tjej som dansar, gillar skidåkning samt bakning och matlagning!

Född: 2001
Hemland: Tyskland
Anländer: Hösten 2017

En hälsning från Hannah

My name is Hannah, I am 15 years old and I live with my mum Andrea (48), my dad Jochen (49), my older sister Luisa Sophie (18) and our dog Jolah in a house in the City of Frohlinde. Frohlinde is a small part of Castrop-Rauxel and it is near by the famous cities Dortmund and Bochum. I think I am an open minded, friendly, helpful person with whom you can have a lot of fun. I want to go abroad because I would like to know a new culture, a new language, new impressions, new experiences and to have an unforgettable time that will characterize me. I have been attending a language course so that I can quickly get into the Swedish language and that I know the basics. I’m so excited to learn more Swedish and about the Swedish culture. Thank you for reading this. I hope I can realise my dream to go abroad and to live in a host family - with you!

Varför vill Hanna åka till Sverige?

I don’t find any other country as interesting as Sweden. I love the lot of water, the nature and the people. We made a round trip through the south of Sweden in the last summer holidays and the people were so friendly and open. My heart beats for Sweden, I have always dreamed of living a half year with a host family in Sweden and hopefully this will come true!



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    Absolut! Vi har områdesrepresentanter som arbetar för oss på plats. Han eller hon väljer noggrant ut värdfamiljer, har kontakt med skolor och stöttar dig och ger råd under ditt utbytesår.

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    Självklart kan du göra det!  Vilka sporter som finns tillgängligt varierar från skola till skola. Berätta gärna vad du är intresserad av när du gör din anmälan så gör vi vårt allra bästa för att hitta en skola där du kan utöva din favoritsport. Med STS High School Select har du ännu större möjlighet att inrikta dig då du själv väljer vilken skola du vill gå på och det finns många skolor med sportprofilering. Har du ett starkt intresse bör du verkligen ta chansen!


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